The price of non-subsidised LPG cylinders has been hiked by 25 effective from July 1. A domestic cylinder weighing 14.2 kg will now cost 834.50 in Delhi. The price of a 19-kg cylinder has also been increased by 76 and will cost 1,550 in Delhi, ANI said. In Mumbai and Kolkata too, the price will be 834.50 per cylinder while in Chennai, one non-subsidised LPG cylinder will cost 850.50. LPG prices are revised at the beginning of every month and with the latest hike from July 1, LPG price now has increased by 140 per cylinder in the last six months. The price remained unchanged in June.

Oil marketing companies have hiked the price of domestic LPG cylinders by Rs 25. A 14.2 kg domestic cylinder will now cost Rs 834.50 in Delhi. The revised rate will be applicable from July 1.

In Mumbai, a domestic cooking gas tank will cost Rs 834.50. In Kolkata, people will have to shell out Rs 835.50 for a domestic cylinder. In Chennai, it will cost Rs 850.50.

The price of commercial cylinder has also been hiked by Rs 84 by the oil marketing companies.

LPG Gas Cylinder Price Today in India

  1. 14.2 kg LPG Cylinder or domestic cooking gas’ price has been increased across India.
  2. In Delhi, the domestic cooking gas price on Thursday is Rs 834.50, the ZEE News report said.
  3. LPG Gas price in Mumbai is Rs 834.50 per 14.2 kg cylinder.
  4. In Kolkata, LPG Gas price is Rs 861.
  5. LPG Gas price in Chennai is Rs 850.50.
  6. LPG Gas Price in Uttar Pardesh’s Lucknow is Rs 872.50.
  7. LPG Gas price in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad is Rs 841.50, as per the ZEE News report.
  8. Meanwhile, the price of 19 kg LPG cylinder has also been increased by Rs 76, as per the ANI report.
  9.  On July 1, 2021, 19 kg LPG cylinder price is Rs 1,550 in Delhi, the ANI report says.
  10. Earlier, in April, cylinder price rate was cut by Rs 10. On May 1, the LPG gas price was kept unchanged. LPG cylinder price was hiked in February, and March, as per the ZEE News report.
  11. There are two types of LPG cylinders – one is 14.2 kg cylinder, and other is 19 kg LPG cylinder.

The hike in the LPG comes at a time when petrol and diesel rates are touching record highs across the country. Prices of crude oil and petroleum products in the international market have been on a constant uptrend since November last year. As India is largely import-dependent on crude oil and the prices are market-linked, the increase in international prices results in an increase in the domestic price of petroleum products.

Notably, LPG prices had gone up by Rs 140 per 14.2-kg cylinder in the last six months.

LPG prices were first increased by Rs 25 per cylinder on February 4, followed by a Rs 50 per cylinder increase on February 15 and a Rs 25 raise on February 25 and March 1. On April 1, after raising cooking gas prices by Rs 125 per cylinder, state-owned oil firms announced a Rs 10 per cylinder cut in LPG rates on softening international oil prices.