Trai has changed the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) rules, and the new regulations go into effect on November 11

There has been a long ongoing debate about the rules concerning Mobile Number Portability (MNP). In the telecom industry, portability remains one of the most demanded services by the subscribers. However, for an industry which is making progress at an unprecedented rate with the coming of 4G and 5G network, the MNP process is something which has remained obsolete for most of the subscribers. With mobile phones and connectivity existing as the driving factor of almost all workforces, the current MNP process puts a hindrance on connectivity and lengthens the time required to port from one network to another by an unreasonable amount. But, with the new rules put forth by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, this might cease. The new rules on MNP could bring positive change in the sector and on how much time the MNP process takes. Now, these new rules go into effect on November 11. But, this means that for a few days, the subscribers would not be able to port their numbers.

trai new mnp rules


  • There would be a no service period from November 4 to November 10 for porting
  • The subscribers would not be able to generate any porting code in this period
  • The new MNP rules would then bring faster porting times

Subscribers Can Generate Porting Codes on November 11

Now while the new rules will go in effect on November 11, 2019, the subscribers who wish to port their numbers between November 4 to November 10, would not be able to do so. In this period, the subscribers would not be able to generate any Unique Porting Code (UPC) which is required for porting from one network to another. It is worth noting that for the subscribers who want to port, the port-in network asks for a unique porting code, which is to be generated on the subscriber’s end and then provided to the port-in telecom operator.

New Trai MNP Rules to Cut Down Time Required for Porting

As for the new rules, the new MNP regulations which Trai will be introducing in a few days will drastically reduce the time taken by the operators to port the SIM from one network to another. Currently, it takes the subscribers around seven days to port from one network to another. However, under the new regime, the subscribers will have faster and better-porting service. Trai has noted that the new regime will cut down the time required for porting down to 2 days. Whereas, for porting between two circles, the porting request would be completed in days. However, if you compare the previous time of 7 days from the new time of only 2 days, it would definitely be a big improvement for the subscribers who currently want to port from one network to another. In case you wish to port your number in the coming weeks, then we would suggest that you generate the porting code after November 11, so that your service disruption would be minimum after the new rules are implemented.