Online money game apps: What if I told you that you can get paid to play video games online? You’d probably think it sounds sketchy.  Don’t worry, I had the same reaction. After all, it sounded too good to be true; I mean, who would pay you to play videogames, and why? How much can you really make, and is it safe? To find out, I investigated few popular games-for-cash sites. As it turns out, most of them are pretty sketchy, having paid for fake user reviews to lure users into sites that never payout. 

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Let’s investigate some legit games-for-cash apps. 

Perhaps one of the best online games to win real money, Swagbucks is known for earning money for taking surveys, watching various videos, and playing games online. This platform is well-designed, thoroughly surveyed, and accessible for Android, iOS, and through your Internet browser. As you log onto the Swagbucks’ games center, there are few games that offer money for playing. It merits explaining that on the off chance that you play well-known games like Trivial Pursuit and Bejewelled 2 through Swagbucks you won’t get paid; however, SB will offer you a good return on the money you spend while playing. Swagbucks gives you the opportunity to win money online or gift vouchers when you play certain games. Some are the famous ones which include Forge of Empires and Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. Since you’re successfully playtesting these games for the makers of it, Swagbucks will pay you what might be compared to ~$2 every hour, which can be reclaimed once you acquire around $5 for a gift voucher or PayPal transfer.

Mistplay pays you to play new Android games and give constructive criticism to the designers wanting to know your experience. Every 2-to 10-minute gaming session can remunerate what might be compared to $0.66, and you can start converting your points to cash as you reach points worth $5. Mistplay will at that point email your gift voucher inside 48 hours. Mistplay pays out somewhat better than expected, and it is appreciated the stage for being both user friendly and easy to understand. To begin with, to profit designers who test their games through Mistplay, the application quickens money income the more you test a game, so you’re boosted to play longer and give better criticism to its makers. Second, Mistplay offers clients a component called the “Blend” whereby it’ll produce a list of gaming encounters dependent on your classification inclinations (puzzle, platforming, activity, and so forth). Altogether, Mistplay is an incredible spot for gamers to test new games and help out designers while bringing in a stream of money for their endeavours. Considering the games-for-money option, Mistplay appears among the most healthy and profitable.

Long Game
Long Game is best portrayed as a gamified bank account. At the point when you put aside an instalment into your Long Game record, regardless of whether programmed or manual, Long Game will remunerate you with coins that you can use to play for monetary compensations. Established by a California-based Millennial hoping to motivate youngsters to save, Long Game offers a free 30-day preliminary and remains free as long as you utilize Direct Deposit. What’s additionally a plus point is that the entirety of your cash is FDIC-safeguarded. A game that offers you money for saving more and more, it is the perfect game for young players.

Poker is one of the most famous card games In India that includes aptitude as well as fair share of luck. This makes Poker one of the most loved game by the country. The projected value is of the player and the opponent’s hand placement. Taking a calculated risk, identifying what the next move of the opponent can be and luck is what is required in it the most. This card game does not only offer a lot of excitement and adrenalin rush to your brain but also requires your mind to make strategies to win. Decision-making, concentration, and critical thinking is what is require more than the fun segment but. Easy it might look, but poker can become a wild goose chase if not played with the right strategies! Each player has given 2 cards faced down which they then have to use with a bunch of 5 community cards in order to form a pattern known as the best 5 poker hands. There are almost 4 rounds of betting that a player can use to put their chips down.

Available as a scratch-off ticket, Lucktastic is a virtual game can play each day. You can simply begin scratching after downloading the application! The best part about it is you can win genuine cash with Lucktastic. Your day-by-day scratch-off tickets can even lead you to win colossal monetary rewards like $5,000, $10,000, or considerably more cash! On the off chance that your scratch-off tickets win you somewhere in the range of $1 and $100, you can reclaim them with a Dwolla account. The best thing about this game application is that regardless of whether you don’t win a monetary reward, you can, in any case, procure other special deals each time you play. The more points you gather can assist you with reclaiming them for gift vouchers to Amazon and other famous websites to shop from.