Soon after Whatsapp launched the ‘Disappearing messages’ feature to the messenger app, Facebook is set to roll out the all-new ‘Vanish Mode’ which lets users send messages that disappear automatically after the chat window is closed.

The company released a statement announcing the new feature and the intent behind it. The company claims that the feature has been built into the app to help the user “be in the moment, and share with close friends and family without worrying about your chats sticking around.”

The new Vanish mode can be activated by swiping up

In the release, Facebook said the feature is best suited for memes, GIFs, stickers, or reactions that are cool when you send them, but you may not want them to stick in your chat history.

How will this feature work

Using this new feature of Facebook is quite easy. After updating the vanish mode, the feature will be enabled as soon as the messenger chat thread is swiped up. After this, the screen will turn dark. At the same time, after swiping up, you will come back to normal mode.

If you want to disable this feature, then you will have to tap on the Turn Off Venetian Mode button appearing at the top of the screen. It will be rolled out soon.

This new feature will initially be launched in the US and a few other countries. The company also claimed that it will soon be rolled out in the EU countries. WhatsApp and Instagram have already started implementing the feature. Facebook had announced the disappearing messages feature on WhatsApp last week.

In order for the user to send vanishing messages, both the sender and the receiver will have to activate the feature. It won’t work if either of the parties has not opted in. Similar to how Snapchat posts worked, the platform with informing the sender if the receiver takes a screenshot of the message that has been sent on Messenger.

Whatsapping feature coming in WhatsApp

Let us know that recently, Facebook-owned company WhatsApp has rolled out the Disappearing feature for its users. Through the dispensing feature, users are being given the facility to automatically delete messages from chat after seven days.

This message dispensing feature of WhatsApp is for both individual chat and group chat. However, only administrators will be able to use this feature in a group chat. At the same time, this feature will not work on forwarded messages. Also, through the message dispensing feature, users will be able to copy and save the message.

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