10 Things Every Book Lover Can Relate To!

 In this fast-pacing world, where everything and everyone is dependent on technology, finding time to sit and finish that one book, can be taxing. However, again thanks to technology, you can read free book summaries that give deliver the core message of the book and move on to the next one.

Every book reader is looking for fellow book readers to discuss their opinion on a certain book. Online you can also find a lot of book clubs which serve the same purpose. That’s like a book lover’s heaven! So, today let’s discuss top 10 things that every book lover can relate to. If you are a book lover, you will be saying a big ‘YES’ to each of these things!

  • There is no such thing as enough books

If you are a book lover, you know that no number of books are enough. You don’t find books, books find you! Even when you are out grocery shopping, you somehow end up buying books. You are running out of shelf space and even time to finish the stack of books you are collecting. But hey, you can always look for best sites for book summaries and get out of your book-haul guilt.

  • Being tongue-tied when someone asks what your favourite book is

You might be reading a new book every week or maybe listening to free audio book summaries every day. However, you can never muster up the answer to this one question on the spot – ‘What is your favourite book?’ Everyone might not understand the reason for this, but we know! It’s because every book has its uniqueness! Can parents pick a favourite child?

  • Dreaming about starting the next chapter throughout the day

Whether you are at your job or school, you dream about getting back home, jumping in your bed and starting that new chapter. You might also cancel plans to be able to devote your time to books. Who needs people around when you can hang out with your favourite fictional characters? 

  • Using books as a social shield

Taking out your book in a public place is basically your way of saying – “physically here, mentally in a galaxy far, far away”. Hiding behind a book proves to be a great way to get out of awkward social situations and small talks. Which is why you always carry around a book or two in your bag, just in case!

  • Bonding with people based on their reading preferences

You are always looking for people to share your opinion on the latest book you read. You instantly have a connection with people who also like to read. And cherry on cake is when they like the same genre as you. As much you don’t want, you have a safe distance from people who say they don’t understand why people read and they don’t like to read at all!

  • Absolutely hate people who give spoilers

What’s worse than someone who doesn’t like to read? Someone who gives spoilers! Nothing beats the joy of finishing a book at your pace and discovering the ending and being mind blown. Though there are people who cannot keep spoilers to them even if their life depended on it! Being around them makes you wish you were with someone who disliked reading.

  • Lost after finishing a book

Every book lover knows the feeling of just staring at the last page of the book when it comes to an end. Reading the last line, closing the book and just looking at it. That’s when you know what an amazing story you witnessed. After you finish a book, you don’t know what to do next. You don’t want to start another book immediately because you don’t to disrespect the book you just finished. So, you just sit there not knowing how to deal with the book coming to an end.

  • Falling in love with fictional characters

What? You can’t help it, we know! Why are the characters in the book so perfect, so wonderful? Being a part of their story makes you feel like not wanting to associate with humans ever again! As much as you don’t want, you find yourself falling in love with fictional characters which sets the bar for your real life very high.

  • Trying to keep your books as good as new

You hate to eat food that might stain a page in your book. You have different bookmarks so even if one gets lost, you don’t have to fold the pages of the books to mark your location. And don’t even start with lending books to others! The thought itself makes you want to hide in a corner.

  • If anyone asks you about life, you can’t help but rant

The answer to ‘how’ve you been’ can only go one way for you. You need to tell people of the amazing book you just read or are reading and how they are missing out on an incredible thing. It frustrates you to think how someone doesn’t want to soak up the knowledge you are giving and isn’t as excited as you are.