Cheaper flight tickets: Flight is the fastest mode of travelling available in India but not the cheapest. It is sometimes infamous for being burdening the pockets of the common man. It can damage the budget of your whole tour single-handedly. Solo travellers, travelling on a tight budget, find it very difficult to opt for an air journey. However, there is no other way than flights if you want to travel abroad, cut short the time of the journey, or want to travel comfortably. In cases of emergency, flight becomes a more convenient way of travelling than any other mode of transportation.

For all those Indians with a knack for saving money, we have brought a few tricks you can use to get a cheap flight ticket. These tricks can help you save some money and satisfy your wanderlust. Do not worry; these tricks do not include any seasonal offers.

1. Start early

If you are accustomed to the process of booking air tickets, you already know that flight tickets generally get expensive as the departure date comes closer. Therefore, start researching early. That does not mean that you have to book too early but start getting familiar with how the prices go up and down. There would always be a sweet spot. You need to identify that sweet spot when the prices get reasonable and hit that accordingly. Generally, booking 2 to 3 months before your journey proves to be the best.

2. Turn on incognito mode

All of the companies and their websites keep a tab of your likes and dislikes using cookies and IP addresses. So, if you check the prices of flight tickets on a site and revisit for the same, you will be served with the increased prices. To avoid this, you can simply browse the web using incognito mode, or you can clear your cookies after you are done browsing.

3. Check flight comparison websites

Before you take your step towards your ticket bookings, you should make a bit of inquiry on flight comparison websites. These sites can help you get cheaper tickets by comparing the prices of different airlines. When checking for comparisons, ensure that you don’t specify dates; instead, check for the entire month.

4. Return with a different airline

Instead of booking your return ticket with the same airline when planning your journey, opt for another airline. This trick can save you quite a few bucks with your return ticket.

5. Book ticket mid-week

There is a common misconception that booking flight tickets on weekends is cheaper. Instead, as a matter of fact, you can get a cheaper flight ticket if you book your tickets mid-week on a Wednesday or a Thursday.

6. the airline’s website for bookings

Third-party websites attract a lot of attention through their discount offers, along with other things, but we assure you that you can always get a better deal by booking your tickets through the airline’s website. The reason is you get rid of the service charges the websites apply while making the final bill.