WhatsApp has turned into a daily necessity for keeping in touch with friends, relatives, and even coworkers. We’ve all experienced moments when we wished to read our WhatsApp messages without informing our connections. While WhatsApp users could previously disable the ‘Last Seen’ function, which displayed the time and date of the last time we had used the online messaging platform, but we were unable to hide from our friends when online.

 This implies that whenever WhatsApp users open the messaging platform, their contacts were able to see their online presence on the app. However, because WhatsApp’s online status is visible, it was not possible to hide when you are not willing to reply but are online.

Step by Step guide to Disable Your WhatsApp 'Online' Status

WhatsApp has finally released an update that allows you to conceal your active status on the chatting network. We frequently want to read our WhatsApp messages without notifying our acquaintances of our online status or appearing as present on the application, and this upgrade from the Meta-owned app addresses that difficulty and allows us to hide our online status.

Steps to Hide Your WhatsApp Online Status

  1. For Android customers, run WhatsApp, then choose More options and thereafter Settings.
  2. Now select Privacy. You will be given alternatives based on Last Seen and Online. Click on it and select your desired choice.
  3. For iOS users, start WhatsApp and then tap the Settings button located on the right of your display.
  4. Click Account, then Privacy. You’ll also find a Last Seen & Online option.

Users have the option to conceal their last seen from everyone, acquaintances, or a select few. You can also select not to hide your most recent sighting from everyone. In such a case, pick the fourth option from the online status settings menu – Nobody. There are just two alternatives for hiding your online status. You may conceal your WhatsApp online status from some specific people or all of your friends in this way.

The following are all of the privacy-related options available in the settings:

  • Hide your Last Seen and Online.
  • Hide your profile picture from specific people
  • Add you in Groups.
  • Look at your About page.
  • Check out your Status updates.
  • Read Receipts i.e blue ticks 

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