Days Are Gone when you have to stand in long queues to purchase tickets for your train journey. With the advent of the latest technology, Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has come up with a new policy called the ‘Book Now, Pay Later’ service. Booking tickets on IRCTC official website will be easier and hassle-free with this “ePay Later” option.


  • Now you can book tickets on the IRCTC website and pay later
  • This new facility for payment of e-tickets is available through ePay Later

The “pay later” service will be available for both the reserved ticket and tatkal tickets, said IRCTC. This option will be especially beneficial as customers won’t have to go through any delay or payment gateway failures while buying tatkal tickets.

irctc epaylater

This new facility for payment of e-tickets is available through ePay Later. eBay Later is a digital payment solution offered by Arthashastra Fintech Pvt. Ltd. Passengers need to pay the ticket charges within 14 days after booking the tickets. If one misses paying the amount with 14 days, he or she has to pay an interest charge of 3.50%, plus applicable taxes.

Here’s how you can book a ticket using the “ePay Later” option:

1) Log in to IRCTC account

2) Enter journey details to book your ticket.

3) On the payment page, there will be an option of choosing the ‘Pay Later’ option.

4) If you click on the ‘Pay Later’ option, you will be redirected to the ePayLater.

5) You need to log in to ePay Later website using your registered mobile number.

6) You will receive an OTP to your registered mobile number. Your login will be successful once you enter the OTP.

7) You have to confirm your booking amount and ticket will be booked.